The name IMAYA is an acknowledgement of my own being. I AM AYA, my father's daughter , the pride of my mother’s heart.I am my husband’s wife, I am my children’s mother. I am a sister, I am a friend, I am dreamer, I am a doer. I am a daughter, a daughter of the soil,the soil of a rich country, the soil of a rich province, the soil of the Eastern Cape, the South African soil.

IMAYA IS Iminathi (God stands with us) , Ayazingca (We are proud) and Alunamda (God's love has no boundaries)I am a proud mother to a loving son Iminathi and two beautiful daughters Ayazingca and Alunamda. They are my life and my inspiration.
Because of them, I strive to make a difference. Because of them I live each day with meaning and determination and it was only fitting that their own personal brands be part of my new creation. Imi, Aya and Alu are my future, they are my pride and joy just like Imaya Creations is. Imaya Creations is my legacy.